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Make an appointment online to discuss or schedule any of the recommended preventive services in the above program.You can also see a list of age based vaccine schedules at:

Log into the patient portal to see for which preventative services you are due; look under health tracker.

Please check your medical/visit summary in the patient portal as well to see what preventive services you have had performed at our practice.

Your Preventive Care​

As a result of the affordable care act (ACA), many preventive services including well child visits, annual physicals, routine pap smears, vaccinations, and screening for cervical, breast, and colon cancer among others, are all included as part of your health insurance coverage.  For these preventive services there are no associated copays, deductibles, or coinsurance and you are not responsible for any related charges.

You shouldn't miss an opportunity to stay healthy or to prevent an illness from affecting your life.